Meet our Dentist

Dr. Kyle Hornby

Sole Owner and Dentist

Dr. Kyle Hornby completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree through the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with honours and completed the summer research program with the Faculty of Dentistry. Dr. Hornby has published several research articles and enjoys staying current with dental research.

Dr. Hornby, his wife, Vashti, and their three children, Roderick, Raya and James, have been Kitchener residents for the past five years and are enthusiastic about continuing to grow as a family here. They are members of Steckle Heritage Farm and love visiting the Kitchener Children's Museum.

Dr. Hornby will be contributing time and dental treatment at the upcoming Community Dental Health Clinic through The Working Centre in downtown Kitchener. He is a past member of the Waterloo­-Wellington Dental Society Executive and also runs a program mentoring dental school applicants and providing clinical shadowing time to them at the office.

Dr. Hornby's top priority is patient education. He utilizes the intra­oral camera frequently as an aid in explaining treatment options and to emphasize preventive strategies. He loves treating children and working with parents to build excellent home care routines. Dr. Hornby has a great sense of humour and brings a high ­energy approach to his work.

Dr. Hornby is excited to be a permanent fixture at Danube Dental Clinic and looks forward to developing long-­term friendships with the families that he treats.