Tooth extraction is performed for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, major structural defects related to large “cavities” or tooth fracture render a tooth “unrestorable” or beyond saving and extraction is warranted. In other cases, infection from inside or outside the tooth can cause severe bone loss leading to intense pain and swelling. Sometimes, the only way to adequately resolve this infection and promote healing and relief is by tooth extraction.

In other instances, 3rd molars or “wisdom teeth” are removed when they become cavitated, infected or begin to adversely affect the health of adjacent teeth. Dr. Hornby performs extraction of both impacted and erupted wisdom teeth under local anesthetic with or without sedation.

Tooth extraction is often coupled with a restorative solution that replaces the missing tooth or teeth. These solutions range from removable complete or partial dentures to fixed dental bridges and dental implants. At Danube Dental Clinic, Drs. Hornby and Tehrani provide all of these restorative services.