Dental Sedation

If you experience anxiety or panic during or in advance of dental appointments, let us know. You always have the option to have dental treatment completed under sedation. Sedation ranges from mild or light to moderate to full sedation. Mild sedatives allow you to remain fully conscious but eliminate anxiety. An example of a mild sedative that we offer is nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”. Moderate sedatives are typically consumed orally prior to an appointment and eliminate anxiety while also rendering the patient drowsy. The patient is still conscious during their procedure but will not be able to drive home on their own following treatment. Full sedation is carried out by administration of general anesthetic or “GA”. Patients are typically referred to specialists for provision of dental care under general anesthetic.

Sedatives can help:

  • Eliminate fear and anxiety
  • Enable treatment on very sensitive teeth
  • Minimize “gag” reflexes
  • Children stay calm to facilitate dental treatment